Summer Love

Happened so fast, couldn't last.

I knew her one summer, for a short while, 

I became enchanted by her smile. 

Her southern tones would dance and sing 

through words like a butterfly on the wing.


Those soft blue eyes had me entranced, 

Her long blonde hair in the wind danced

A white dress flowed on a sunny day,

worn by an angel who led me astray.


She did not beg, she did not tease,

her only aim was me to please,

I let her deep into my heart,

knowing that someday we'd part.


I surrendered to the summer heat, 

A little faster my heart did beat,

But soon enough the autumn came, 

somehow things were not the same, 


September stretched into November,

My summer flame became an ember, 

What had been warmth became a chill 

But my heart. for her, burns still.

Copyright (C) 2018 A.Keyes All Rights Reserved.