Would you like to play a game?!

"It's risky, yes, but it could avoid a war!"


"And it could cause one!"


"I think that's in the cards already, Sir. "

Bergin was exasperated. 

"You do not have a lot of options here, Mr. President!"


"I sure don't see any!"


The President paused, staring at his desk for a moment.


"Okay. If we go with this, are you sure the Chinese will play along?" 


"Yes."  - Bergin almost rolled his eyes. - "It's a boil on their backside they'l be glad to get rid of, Sir. 

And this way there will be minimal collateral damage. It'll be over in a day or two."


The President leaned on his desk, then spoke.

"Okay, go for it."


Bergin reached for the phone, dialled a number, then spoke:

" Send the invitations. The party is about to begin."

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