Motion Sickness

This just sort of happened, but not to me.




"Ready to go? Hey, are you okay?"


"Yeah, I just feel a little dizzy."


"Working too hard? Are you getting enough sleep?"


"It's not that. I have motion sickness."


"You have motion sickness?"




"Okay, we can walk instead of taking a taxi. It's a nice night out!"


"That won't help..."


"Why not?"


"Well, you know the whole planet is moving, don't you?"


"What? You can feel the rotation of the earth?"


"That is the worst part."


"What else is there? .... You can feel us rotating around the sun?"


"Yes, that too."


"There's more?" 


"Well, we are in an outer arm of the galaxy..."


"Oh come on, you can't possible feel movement on that scale, 

the radius is thousands of light years.."


"Stop! Of course I can't feel it, but when I think about it, I get, I get queasy!

So don't be giving me numbers, and, and light years! That's not good!"


"Okay, sorry! Maybe we should stay in tonight?"


"That might be a good idea."


"So what do you want to do?"


A microscopically subtle smile betrayed him. It grew to full size when I rolled my eyes.


"You complete scumbag! You would say anything to get me into bed, wouldn't you?"


"Well, there are some kinds of motion I can cope with!"




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