The Fairytale of Tokyo

A little something for Christmas, with apologies to Mr. McGowan


The Fairytale of Tokyo


'Twas Christmas Eve, in the workplace,

The old boss said to me, "You won't be going home!" 

And then he stamped a form, approving overtime!

I turned my Facebook off, and dreamed about Youtube.


But I'm the lucky one, got home at ten to one,

I've got a feeling, this year's a promotion,

So happy Christmas, I love my job really, 

I see a better time, when all my expenses come through.


They've got rooms small as cars 

They've got raw fish served cold 

Where folk don't understand you 

And everybody is old.

When you first took my hand 

on that cold Christmas eve,

You promised me Ginza 

was waiting for me.


You were learning,

I was teaching,

At a school in Atsugi.

When we sang Karaoke 

They howled out for more!

Sinatra was crooning,

"My Way" we were ruining

We moved to Roppongi

and drank through the night


The staff of the Tsukiji Market

Singing "Fresh fish today!"

And the bells were ringing out

For Christmas day!


In the months 

that did come,

We had plenty of fun.

But your mother was warning; "You're no longer young!"

She nagged you, she harried,

She wanted you married

We spent Christmas apart,

And I thought "It's our last!"


I called you again on New Year's Eve

And asked you "Yes" to say,

And the bells would ring again

On New Year's day!


I hoped I'd meet someone

Could have been anyone

You made my dreams fly free

When I first found you

And now I want you babe

More than life on my own

Can't make it all alone

I've built my dreams around you


The boys of the Tokyo Gospel Choir

Singing "Oh Happy Day!"

And the bells are ringing out

On our wedding day!


Copyright (C) 2015 A.Keyes All Rights Reserved.