Fifty Word Stories

Recently I entered a contest to write a short story in only fifty words. These were my entries.


A Kindred Soul


I sat down at the keyboard to try to write my fifty
word story, but no ideas came. Outside the window,
a crow chewed away at a garbage bag, searching
through it, hoping, like myself, to find some
useable scraps in the rubbish that other people
think of as worthless.

A Life; From Womb to Tomb.


Womb: Birth.

Sounds, Colours, Shapes, Textures, Feelings!

Words; Steps; Play; Wonder, Learning, Growth.

Family, Friends, School.

Adventures, Accidents, Tears, Laughter, Anger, Sadness, Fear.

Study, Examinations, Expectations, Pressure.

Graduation; Independence, Freedom, Foolishness, Work:

Alcohol, Attraction, Dating, Sex, Marriage.

Fights, Pregnancy, Family.

Money, Career, Promotion, Recognition, Retirement.


Sickness, Uncertainty, Death.


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